Project Overview

The Central Street Siphon/Sudbury River Interceptor (CSS/SRI) Project addresses a number of problems related to aging sewer pipes – some of which are almost 100 years old. Old sewer pipes are prone to break, have insufficient capacity for existing and new development and have cracks that allow groundwater to enter the pipe and sewage to leak out. The need for the project was identified as critical and urgent in the Town’s Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP). An Administrative Consent Order with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requires the Town to implement the recommendations of the CWMP.

The objectives of the project are to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and comply with the federal Clean Water Act, avoiding Consent Orders and penalties; upgrade the wastewater infrastructure located within the Central and Kellogg streets area, which has exceeded its useful life; and improve access for maintenance and protection of the Town sewer infrastructure. The project has an estimated cost of $8 million. Construction will take approximately one to two years.

To minimize overall impacts to the neighborhood, the DPW plans to replace water mains in the project area that are in need of repair at the time of sewer construction. Additional measures to reduce impacts will be implemented where possible, such as lining pipes, which requires access at manholes only and avoids the need to dig trenches.

While the project will have some temporary impacts, in the long-term it will reduce operation and maintenance costs, help the Town comply with federal laws and industry standards and ensure there is enough capacity for growth and economic development.

Minimizing Impacts

The Town and the contractors will do everything possible to avoid negative impacts to residents and business owners in the project area during construction. Unfortunately, some impacts are unavoidable. Residents and business owners can expect temporary disruption of utility services. In this instance, the Town will provide residences and businesses with written notice in advance of the scheduled disruption of service. Area abutters can also expect periodic increases in traffic congestion due to shifting traffic patterns. Traffic management maps will be posted on the Traffic and Alerts page. In rare cases, access to residences and businesses may be restricted within the construction area. The Town and the contractors will do their best to minimize these issues. At the end of the project, any landscaping, pavement, curbing or sidewalks that are damaged as a result of project construction will be restored.

Community Meetings

There are no meetings scheduled at this time. Please check back for information on future meetings.

The Town held a public meeting on March 22, 2010 to inform area residents and business owners about the project. The DPW Capital Improvement Program staff discussed the purpose and need for the project, limits of construction, project schedule and plans to manage traffic and minimize impacts. Abutters asked questions and discussed their concerns at the meeting.


Phase 1: Mid to late April 2010 – late fall 2010
    • Edgell Road, Auburn Street, Auburn Street Extension and Beulah Street – install sewer and water mains.
    • Route 9 – install sewer crossing beneath roadway.
    • Sudbury River Crossing

Phase 2: Late fall 2010  – early spring 2011

    • Sewer Rehabilitation – Off Road Easement parallel to Sudbury River.

Phase 3: Spring 2011

    • Roadway restoration on Central Street, Edgell Road, Auburn Street, Auburn Street Extension and Beulah Street.

Schedule is subject to change without notice. Actual progress will depend on weather and other factors.

Construction Updates

Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2010. Periodic progress updates will be posted on the website.

Construction Notices

There are no construction notices at this time.