Current Construction Projects

Overview of Construction Program

Prior to the start of each construction season, the capital construction staff reviews project plans and considers the impacts of the construction on abutters, businesses and traffic. The construction management team develops protocols and construction sequencing plans to minimize these impacts and reduce or eliminate conflicts. The staff also works with other Capital Improvement Program staff to develop public information. Outreach plans include project fact sheets, maps, webpage updates and distribution plans for notices to abutters.

During the planning for each project, the DPW chooses a construction manager who oversees the field work. The construction manager:
  • Meets with members of the Framingham Police, Fire and School Transportation Departments to discuss traffic impacts and develop traffic management plans to keep traffic moving.
  • Assesses the potential for other possible construction impacts.
  • Develops strategies to minimize impacts and enhance public safety with the project management team and contractors who will be performing the work.
  • Oversees the progress of the work and coordinates anticipated construction schedules, traffic management and the contractor’s access to systems.
  • Works with the contractor to arrange for temporary interruption of utility services to the abutters when they are necessary and ensures that impacts are minimized and advance notice provided.

Through the construction season, the construction management staff members respond to issues as they arise and work with the contractor and the community to solve problems in a timely manner. The construction management staff will also keep the community informed by posting updates on the website and sending notices and e-blasts.