Flyers, Guidelines, and Local Organizations

Flyers & Guidelines
  • Living with Wetlands -This is a general introduction to wetlands and wetland regulations.
  • Buffer Zone Restoration Guidelines - This presents the Commission's guidelines for restoring Buffer Zones. For those who are required to replant a Buffer Zone, this guide also has the form that you need to submit before planting.
Local Organizations & Places of Interest

New England Wildflower Society
If you're thinking about growing native plants or just want a place to walk and enjoy them, this is your site.

Sudbury Valley Trustees
The Trail Map icon will lead you to the map of trails in Northwest Framingham on the local conservation property Wittenborg Woods, Callahan State Park, and SVT owned parcels.

SuAsCo Watershed Community Council
This organization is dedicated to both the economic and environmental well-being of the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River (SuAsCo) Watershed.

Callahan State Park
This park is 1 of Framingham's hidden wonders with 820 acres of trails, woods, streams and fields.

Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA)
Framingham has always been integral to the water supply in eastern massachusetts, especially for Boston. Today 4 major aqueducts run through Framingham, including MWRA's newest and deepest, the Metrowest Water Supply Tunnel.