Recent Public Meetings: Plan Implementation and Next Steps

January 11, 2017 - Nobscot Plaza Mixed-Use Concept

Public meeting at the Heritage to discuss status of Nobscot Plaza redevelopment - (click to view presentation)

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In the Media

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Villages Economic Plan Cover

Economic Development Action Plan - Final Report

The Town of Framingham and its Economic Development & Industrial Corporation (EDIC) are pleased to release the final report of the Framingham Village Commercial Centers study, An Economic Development Action Plan for Saxonville and Nobscot (September 2015).

The final report is the culmination of a planning process recommended in the Town's 2012 Master Plan, focused on identifying actions that will lead to investment in both Saxonville and Nobscot.

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The Town of Framingham EDIC has completed a planning and market analysis study focused on a strategic economic development plan for the village commercial centers of Saxonville and Nobscot in North Framingham. The strategic economic development plan is focused on identifying actions that will lead to investment in both Saxonville and Nobscot. The study focuses on an area approximately one quarter mile from the main intersection of both village commercial centers.

This work is an implementation effort that was recommended in the Master Land Use Plan that was adopted by the Town in 2012. This study provides a comprehensive understanding of market forces and opportunities within each village commercial center, and creates an urban design vision to guide public sector decisions including zoning revisions, public investment and engagement with private sector owners and developers.

The Town of Framingham solicited requests for proposals for professional assistance by a land use planning, economic development and urban design consultant to lead this effort. The Cecil Group, a planning and design firm located in Boston, was selected with their economic development subconsultant FXM Associates.

The consultant team gathered input from the community to better understand the issues and opportunities of the study areas, and to identify a shared community vision for the village centers to help shape economic development strategies. This public outreach included stakeholder interviews, presentations at EDIC regular meetings, and three public meetings in each village center.

Key milestones
  • Initial Public Meetings - February 2015
  • Alternative Approaches Public Meetings - April 2015
  • Final Public Meetings - June 2015
  • Final Report Completed - September 2015
Strategic Plan Goals
  • What should the village commercial center be?
  • How should it look?
  • How do we get there?