Reconstruction of Route 126 (Concord Street)

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This Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) project involves a comprehensive package of transportation, safety, and aesthetic improvements to the Downtown area. The work includes roadway reconstruction, milling and paving, sidewalks, crosswalks, curbing, drainage improvements, ornamental traffic signals and street lighting, street trees and planting areas, streetscape amenities, signage and pavement markings. The traffic signals along this corridor will be fully interconnected to significantly improve their operation. This work is also being coordinated with Town improvements to the Downtown Common and MBTA improvements to the Concord Street railroad crossing.

This project includes 3,900 feet of new pavement, installation of 7,700 feet of new granite curbing, new cement concrete sidewalks with brick accents, construction of ADA compliant sidewalk ramps at crosswalks, 94 new ornamental street lights and 60 new street trees.